Sunday, June 29, 2008

Will Smith Did NOT Diss America

Will Smith says it here, but we've got the quote below.
WILL SMITH: You know I just, I just came back from Moscow, Berlin, London and Paris and it's the first, I've been there quite a few times in the past five to 10 years. And it just hasn't been a good thing to be American. And this is the first time, since Barack has gotten the nomination, that it, it was a good thing.

Granted, its clumsy, and CAN be interpreted as HE FEELS GOOD for the first time in 5-10 years...

But a closer look at the Movie Wunderkind's statement, while promoting Hancock, notices all the 'it's...

Will noticed that receptions for him in Moscow, Berlin, London and Paris were WARM AND POSITIVE... because of THEIR infatuation with Obama, not Smith's.

No BS here... watch Hancock, for fun.


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